Thank you for considering donating to the TJADB project!

Donations are used to keep the website, discord bot, domain and ESE project alive.
Excess donations will be stored separately, to keep a buffer for months with fewer donations. If we reach a point where we have a large excess of donations, we will notify any donors. For any questions, contact the staff of the TJADB Discord group .

Once you make a donation, ping Pidgey#8387 on Discord, or send a mail to tjadb-donations [at] Certain donation tiers get rewarded with a small thank you, and every donation is noted down for full transparancy.

Donation options
There are a couple of ways you can donate to the project.
Monthly donations
  • $2/month - Sponsor badge on GitHub
  • $5/month - Early release access to features of hosted projects
    Participate in polls that decide the directions of ongoing projects
    Get the "Sponsor" role on Discord
  • $10/month - Logo or name in the repository README
  • $20/month - Logo or name on the website
One-time donations
  • $20 - Get a sponsor role on the TJADB Discord server
  • $50 - Logo or name on the project README
  • $100 - Logo or name on the website
  • $150 - High-priority feature requests (to be discussed what is do-able)