Songs by Gawr Gura (がうる・ぐら)

A descendant of the Lost City of Atlantis, who swam to Earth while saying, "It's so boring down there LOLOLOL!" She bought her clothes (and her shark hat) in the human world and she really loves them.
In her spare time, she enjoys talking to marine life. Gawr Gura (がうる・ぐら) born June 20th, which is also the date that the movie Jaws debuted, is a Shark-Human hybrid Virtual YouTuber from Atlantis that debuted as a member of the Hololive English -Myth-. Best known for her verbal tic, "A", she is an energetic and amusing Shark with a tendency for pranks.
She has a vast knowledge of memes and will often use them in her jokes.
Her love to banter between her fans and fellow members gives an atmosphere similar to hanging out and playing games with friends.
While she lacks a good sense of direction and a grasp on basic math, she is still quick-witted and clever, solving puzzles creatively and quickly.
Her favorite games to play are rhythm, horror, and Western-themed games.
Along with gaming, she is an amazing singer with her favorites to sing being City Pop, Anime, and classic 2000's and oldie songs.

Name Artist Source BPM かんたん(easy) ふつう(Normal) むずかしい(Difficult) おに(Extreme) うら(Extreme Alt.) Charter Genre Last Updated Uploaded
Reflect Gawr Gura
125 - - - 9 - Nanashi31 Pop March 10, 2022 Aug. 11, 2023