Songs by TUYU (ツユ)

TUYU (ツユ) is a Japanese pop group consisting of ぷす (Pusu) on guitar, 礼衣 (Rei) as vocals, and Miro on piano.
おむたつ(Omutatsu) has been in charge of the illustrations until March 2022, and AzyuN is in charge of video design.
Since then 双葉陽 (HutabaHaru) has been in charge of illustration

Name Artist Source BPM かんたん(easy) ふつう(Normal) むずかしい(Difficult) おに(Extreme) うら(Extreme Alt.) Charter Genre Last Updated Uploaded
And That's Why I Can't Stop!
198 4 6 7 9 9 Colin Guiven Yong Pop April 21, 2023 Sept. 10, 2023