Songs by Mori Calliope (森カリオペ)

The Grim Reaper's first apprentice.
Due to modern medical care causing a decline in the reaping business, Calliope decided to become a VTuber to harvest souls instead.
It seems that the ascended souls of the people who are vaporized by the wholesome interactions between VTubers go to her as well. That being said, despite the image her hardcore vocals and manner of speech gives off, she's actually a gentle-hearted girl who cares greatly for her friends. Calliope Mori, officially listed as Mori Calliope (森カリオペ), is a reaper Virtual YouTuber who debuted as a member of the Hololive English -Myth-.
Her fans and gen-mates often refer to her as Calli for short.
Despite being a sweet-voiced girl with a gentle personality, Calli tends to talk about morbid topics with little hesitation.
Her favorite color is red, she enjoys sweets and reaping souls, and she likes watching mafia movies and drinking red wine.
Her given name, "Calliope," can be mistakenly read as "cantaloupe," a fruit she vehemently despises.
(The correct pronunciation is "kuh-LAHY-uh-pee".)

Name Artist Source BPM かんたん(easy) ふつう(Normal) むずかしい(Difficult) おに(Extreme) うら(Extreme Alt.) Charter Genre Last Updated Uploaded
Mori Calliope
150 - - - 10 - Meowgister Pop Oct. 4, 2021 Aug. 12, 2023
guh Mori Calliope
139 - - - 9 - Meowgister Pop Dec. 1, 2021 Aug. 12, 2023