Songs by Ookami Mio (大神ミオ)

Ookami Mio (大神ミオ) was born on August 20th as wolf-girl.
An introductory video of Hololive Gamers was uploaded on December 6th, 2018, and would debut the day after in an introductory stream with Shirakami Fubuki.
The creation of her YouTube channel was on December 1st, 2018, and her Twitter account was opened much earlier on November 16th, 2018.
Her 3D model debuted on June 16, 2019, and a while later, her 3D swimsuit model would be shown on September 11, 2019.
Mio would get her 2nd L2D outfit on December 22, 2019 alongside Fubuki.
Her 3rd outfit, the New Years outfit, is given to Mio shortly afterward on January 1st, 2020. Mio was an old gaming friend of Fubuki's and one day wondering what she was up to nowadays, decided to contact her.
Fubuki explained she is in Hololive and Mio thought it sounded fun and decided to apply as well.
[11] Her representative emote is a pine tree due to her hair resembling one.

Name Artist Source BPM かんたん(easy) ふつう(Normal) むずかしい(Difficult) おに(Extreme) うら(Extreme Alt.) Charter Genre Last Updated Uploaded
Hyakka Ryouran Hanafubuki
Nakiri Ayame
Shirakami Fubuki
Ookami Mio
175 4 6 6 7 8 Megi Pop Oct. 9, 2021 Aug. 13, 2023