Songs by nyanyannya(DAI-TENSAI-P) (nyanyannya(大天才P))

nyanyannya, also known as DAI-TENSAI-P (大天才P), is a producer, mostly known for the Lead Princess of the Color Stealing World series, a story about the lead princess, Lydia’s adventure searching for her most important thing to return the world’s color, and Kadoh-Anna-Ruk-a Saga, a series of songs that tell the stories of the Arka (inhabitants of Kadoh-Anna-Ruk-A). He mostly uses Kagamine Rin but has also used KAITO, Megurine Luka, and other VOCALOIDs.
He usually collaborates with utaites in his VOCALOID songs but he is able to make his VOCALOIDs sound emotional without the help of another singer. He is also the vocalist of the band "Team Nekokan", along with sham, a guitarist.

Name Artist Source BPM かんたん(easy) ふつう(Normal) むずかしい(Difficult) おに(Extreme) うら(Extreme Alt.) Charter Genre Last Updated Uploaded
185 4 4 5 8 - Colin Vocaloid
Sept. 5, 2023 Sept. 5, 2023